In addition to securities industry professional bonus disputesU-5 expungement actions, employment law infractions including discrimination and sexual harassment, the attorneys at Singer Deutsch LLP also represent securities industry professionals who are the subject of regulatory investigations and inquiries.  The firm's attorneys also regularly handle disputes involving investment advisor misconduct, including matters such as fraud, unauthorized trading, suitability and churning.  If you would like further information about the legal services offered by Singer Deutsch LLP, please feel free to contact us.

The attorneys of Singer Deutsch LLP have gained a strong reputation for their experience, depth of knowledge, and effective representation of securities industry professionals, including, investment bankers, financial advisors, brokers, traders, research analysts and other professionals, with regard to both employment and regulatory matters.  The firm's attorneys also have deep commitment to their representation of individual and institutional investors, and regularly resolve disputes involving investment-related misconduct such as fraud, unauthorized trading, suitability and churning.  

If you like to meet with an attorney to discuss your specific legal matter, please feel free to contact us.